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Harness the power of the internet!

Sign up for our home phone service and save! Transfer your existing number over for free for a limited time!


Bundle and save!

Save money with other services from Tek-IT, and with more than one line!

*Installation and hardware seperate


Keep your number!

For a limited time, transfer your existing phone number over for free! Transfer as many numbers as you have lines!

*Additional numbers are $25 to transfer and $2.99/MO.

1 Line

$ 14.99

Per Month

Unlimited Canada and US calling!

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2 Lines

$ 25.99

Per Month

Unlimited Canada and US calling!

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Over 40 Free Features!

No picking of choosing, just get them all for no extra charge and one low monthly cost!

Caller ID with Name

Want to know who’s calling? Tek-IT makes it easy!

Call Transfer

Transfer calls to another phone number instantly!

3-Way Calling

Join a group together easily and seamlessly!

Call Waiting

With call waiting, you never have to miss an important call!

Voicemail to email

Have your voicemails sent to your email!

Caller-ID Block

Caller-ID Block protects your privacy when making a call!

911 Dialing

Because your safety is important!

Offline Number Support

Never miss a call, even when your internet is offline!

Call Hunt

Call Hunt finds you, so you never miss a call again!